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This weeks art work is from the Thursday and Friday art groups. 

‘The Scribblers sessions have now finished, which has been very successful and helping many budding artist getting back into drawing. Note the 3 portraits first attempt using the grid method to draw portraits, all 3 are very similar, well done

The painting groups continue to produce amazing work, I am looking forward to standard at the end of year art exhibition.’

Just a quick note, I am going to be away until the start of term 2. I will send some photos of our holiday. 



Week 9

Both the Thursday and Friday art groups continue to excel in the work they are producing. 
It is also fantastic to see the new participants in Basic Drawing embrace the new Scribblers program we have started to rollout this year. 
I think this years Art Exhibition is going to be even better than the past 2 years. 
Great Job All

Week 8