Explore Writing

Explore Writing is an activity where members participate in developing our writing skills, self expression and creativity in a safe and supportive environment. We all bring our own abilities and life experiences to the class which we use to explore different writing genres such as short stories, non-fiction , poetry and memoir.

Here is a selection of our writing which we would like to share.  


A short story by Ann

Nothing is stronger than a mother’s love …

The General One

A poem by Annette

Drawing by Debbie Harman

Poetry can take many forms. Annette chose to use a technique used by David Bowie where lines can be cut and pasted ….

With only two words

A poem by Phyl

Domo Arigato is a way of saying thank you very much in Japanese.

An unexceptional

day in my street

Story by Des

It was an ordinary day in a suburban street – or was it…?

Flower Market

A poem by Caroline

A visit to a flower market in Mattuthavani, India, made a lasting impression…

A tale of two diners

A tale by Diarmid

Prompted by a friend in England, who sent me a photo he’s taken of a sign outside a pub in a fishing village, on a recent sailing trip around Ireland.

Surrounded by History

An account by Chris

Seeing the historic Rajah quilt had a profound effect….