The U3A Hobson Bay/Williamstown website can provide additional value to some activities.

The Purpose is:

  • To share work in progress or completed projects with other members of the activity
  • To be a record or temporary archive of members’ work and images
  • To coordinate work between members of an activity
  • To encourage members to engage more frequently with the website
  • To help promote U3A HBW to the wider public and attract new members

Convenors who wish to have a page for their activity should request this via .


Important: Note this will not be a messaging service for members in activities (that is what
UMAS is for) nor will it be just photos to show people taking part in various activities (that is
covered well by our Facebook site).
The assumption is that the Convenor do the work collecting images or producing text. This will
be uploaded on the web by the web admin persons.